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Hello Motorcyclist For Children Supporters

My name is Scott Crites and I would like to invite you all out to the 1st Annual Rhythm & Ribs BBQ Festival.

Friday night July 13, 2012, is going to be "Bike Night", and $1 from every paid admission is going to be donated to Motorcyclist for Children.

After reading about the Ohio Motorcyclist For Children, I knew it would be a perfect match for the festival.

One year ago our daughter was born 5 weeks early and had to spend 8 days in the neonatal unit at OSU Hospital. While she was there we saw many other babies that were very sick, and parents who utilized the Ronald McDonald House. Fortunately, Iris became stronger and was able to come home with us. This opened up our eyes to the troubles that many face, and we wanted to give back. Now is our time, and we want to use Motorcyclist for Children as the avenue to give back.

Bike ShowI am asking for all of you to show up to the Rhythm & Ribs BBQ Festival on Friday, July 13.

Again, $1 from every paid admission is going to this wonderful charity. My goal is to make a $2500 contribution to Motorcyclist for Children. If you all show up and help spread the word I think this is possible.

Admission to the festival is $5. The reason I am charging admission is to help pay for the entertainment for the night. The nightly entertainment for "Bike Night" is going to feature two classic rock tribute bands. "Tusk", the Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute, and "Kashmir", the nation's #1 Led Zeppelin tribute.

The festival is going to feature 5 Award Winning ribs teams from across the country. Friday night at the Rhythm & Ribs BBQ Festival is going to be full of fun and entertainment, all for a good cause, Motorcyclist for Children.

I am excited to partner with your wonderful charity on Friday, July 13. I am confident together we can raise at least $2500 for the children.

There will be a designated area for the motorcycles. Please check out the website for more information, www.ohiobbqfestival.com.

Thanks for your time and consideration!! I hope ALL of you will come out for the children.


Scott Crites

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